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the psychedelic manifesto create inteligent post dubstep/trip-pop/ambient electronica, a sonic collage of beautiful songs vocals and frequencies

SNAKESTYLE special killer white label dub mixes of 'Lost' from album 'Garden Of Dreams'
(Out soon on Audio Fabrique and available on iTunes)

Out soon on Audio Fabrique
and available on iTunes

5 taster trax from new album: Garden Of Dreams (Re-released on 15th April 2014)

All Songs Written Produced & Arranged by The Psychedelic Manifesto (Plus Brit Leissler on 'Inside')

Words: Chris Garland
Music: Chris Garland/ Matthew Leigh Embleton (Plus Brit Leissler on 'Inside')
Vocals: Chris Garland/Hong Guo (Plus Brit Leissler on 'Inside')

Produced by Matthew Leigh Embleton & Chris Garland.

All Additional Instrumentation: Matthew Leigh Embleton
Renaissance Lute (made by Luke Emmet of Orlando Lutes, 2013)
Baroque Lute (made by David Van Edwards, 2011)
Doepfer A-100 Synthesiser
Yamaha NP30S Digital Piano
Acoustic Bass
Finger Cymbals

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Track List:

1. Lost
2. Believe In love
3. Life In A Day
4. Marrakech
5. Post Modern Buddha
6. Fire
7. Music Is Love
8. Hypnotized
9. Inside

Lost and found in the in Balkans
 'Garden of Dreams by The Psychedelic Manifesto is a remarkable reminder of innocence -  both lost and still accessible. The dreamy vocals and uber-chilled instrumentals of Post Modern Buddha, for example, summon up an era of optimistic peace-mongering, eclipsed partly by the zeitgeist of the eighties and the greedy decades that followed. 

I listened to the album on a long and at times difficult drive through the Balkans. The haunting vocals on Inside, especially, helped me find the calm necessary to navigate through reminders of recent violent trauma in countries that are struggling to find the right path on their own journeys to inner and outer peace.'

- Rohit Jaggi, Financial Times Aviation, Car and Motorcycle Columnist, and Deputy Editor of FT Wealth magazine 

'Garden of Dreams is filled with hypnotic beats, tantalizing voices, and melodies that resonate in your heart. It delights with poetic imagery and thoughtful, evocative lyrics that speak to the soul. Enter this portal and traverse to a dazzling soundscape, where your senses will be fully awakened.'

- Bridget Mak, Lawyer and writer from Toronto, Canada, July 2013

'The Psychedelic Manifesto's Garden Of Dreams is Perfect English Romanticism, Pastoral Lyricism, Gentle Psychedelia, Timeless, Zen Like and Extremely Beautiful'

– Japanese Art & Design Historian & Writer, July 2013

'The Psychedelic Manifesto have always kept themselves well below the radar! To the point of being wilfully obscurist! Once again however, they have produced a stunningly beautiful album, that puts most of the other stuff out there in the shade'

'The Psychedelic Manifesto’s ‘Garden of Dreams’ is album of great beauty and sensitivity, superbly produced by Matthew Leigh Embleton, this is in every sense an essential album for those who seriously value music and artistry'

'The new Psychedelic Manifesto Album 'Garden of Dreams' continues the bands evolutionary journey into a world of gentle flowing, trippy, soothing, healing sonic alchemy! While still retaining the shadow of 'post-dub-step', indeed the 'dub-factor' remains imbedded in the TPM consciousness!

'Garden Of Dreams' is an album of wonderfully moving uplifting and almost heart-stoppingly beautiful melancholy, that gently seduces you with a soothing, healing and calming massage for mind and body, and, in doing so provides a very personal listening experience. This is definitely not the kind of music for listening too in the pub while swilling beer! Indeed TPM I suspect, would be appalled at the idea of this happening!

This unique and very special album of wonderful poetic songs, beautiful arrangements and harmonies, is almost 'classical’ in its realization. Matthew Leigh Embleton’s production (supported by Chris Garland) is graceful and inspired. Matthew’s sense of harmony and texture, together with his excellent musicianship, was obvious on his previous solo album’s, but here, the combination of this, and Chris Garland’s, beautiful and inspired songwriting, wonderfully tear jerking heart break vocals, and co-composition, and the angelic achingly beautiful backing vocals of Hong Guo, have created an album that is a beautiful unique and seductive masterpiece of sound and emotion.

This is an album that you come home to after a less than wonderful day, close the door, lay down, put on the headphones, and just drift away into your own soothing personal, hypnotic inner space, as the beautiful melancholic songs and flowing melodic gentle harmonies, take you on a healing emotional journey.

'Garden of Dreams’ is indeed a 'must have' album, and in another time, this would be a monstrously successful album, however in the age of Lady Gaga and the XFactor this is most unlikely to happen.'

- IBG April 2013

2 special FREE DOWNLOAD trax from TPM - heart stoppingly beautiful alternative mixes

9 tracks from Sometimes You Can Hear The Angels Cry
(Re-released on 23rd April 2014)

'The Psychedelic Manifesto has obviously taken careful note of many of the mistakes and pitfalls that have beset so many of their peer group. They have developed and evolved their sound so that the seeds of promise present in their first album have now fully blossomed. The sounds are very bass-driven, meaning your heart is stirred into action. This is a disc made for slow evenings on the dancefloor, the kind that build forever, climaxing in a glorious sonic orgy. It’s also got its’ poppy moments. The Psychedelic Manifesto have not forgotten that, what draws listeners in, is a riff or beat they hear and cannot get out of their heads. This then, is both a great pop record and a true dance classic. Sounds weave their way in and out of your head with sleekness and ease, meaning that sadly, the album is over before you know it.****'
- Jonathan Robert Muirhead 2011

'A beautiful and deeply affecting album, natural, vivid, timeless, full of the sense and emotion within and without artificiality. It takes you far away and gracefully melts into your heart'
- Hong Guo Chinese Artist, Musician & Designer

All material composed, written, produced & arranged by The Psychedelic Manifesto
(C. Garland/R. Steuns) © 2010. Words: Garland. Music: Garland & Steuns.
Production: Garland & Steuns. Mixed by Steuns. Artwork & Design: 'Wing design': Noriko. All other artwork/design (including web design&construction): The Hong Dynasty (w:

Lysergic Sushi(Re-release soon)

Re-release soon on Audio Fabrique
and available on iTunes

''A wonderful inspired album of soaring uplifting soundscapes and sonic frequencies that carries you away on a glorious hallucinogenic journey' - IBG 2009

All songs written produced mixed arranged by The Psychedelic Manifesto (C. Garland/R. Steuns). Words: Garland. Vocals: Garland. Music: Garland & Steuns. Additional vocals on Forever & Perfectlight: Ilona. Time: Brit.